Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Victorian Restoration - Alameda

New medallions casted from moulds
Beautiful victorian restoration in alameda ca. I worked on with Signature Painting.
this house is over 100 years old so some of the redwood trim was missing or damaged and needed to be replaced
Locally, none of these classic trim profiles were available off the shelf. I milled all my own replacement trim from vertical grain redwood for period authenticity that will last another 100 years

missing pendants on corbels

this winged pendant was over painted muting most of its detail so it was removed stripped and copied for other areas of the house that had this detailed wing missing

the introduction of the hand held scroll saw in 1900 had a lot to do with victorian houses becoming such elaborate works of art

my reproduction scroll work in place
making copies of the original with my table saw

new medallion added to reproduction scroll work
 NEW Medallions Casted from Moulds made from Original pcs (video of Medallions being poured!)

a sun detail was a new addition to the front facade that looks original
Original scroll work getting stripped of paint so every detail can be traced onto new copies

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