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Monday, August 19, 2013

1993 FORD MUSTANG GT shinannegins

home made LED 3rd brake light

fixed the notorious broken cluster tabs

making new door cards

installing viper 5901 remote start 3way pager alarm
the 16" Ponies getting new paint

tracing a transmission leak
new smoked lights were a gift. I didnt like them at first to gangster for my taste  but I got used to them.
alternator gave up the ghost on the old bay bridge
making some space for new amp to hide under back seat

cut support bar and flipped it over removed some foam
 and boxed the inside corner of frame to make it fit
fan clutch needed to be replaced it was stuck (un-clutched) and warm up was taken forever so...
hmm… dont think the torque boxes are supposed to flap in the wind??

welding home made battle boxes in and repairing some of the side effects of pre-owner-ignorance
who loves to replace a heater core more than me?

since its out why not refresh everything..
idk how this went unnoticed on purchase day??
radiator support was much worse before this picture.
New maximum motorsports strut tower and k-member braces added

since its on the bench anyway might as well repaint it
and fix the bondo filled hole from where the ford emblem was removed  by p.o

2002 cbr f4i in the backround. easily accomplished roll-on wheelies in 1st gear.
 impresive for 600cc

ridin' on gold ones!
for a week then went back to the anthricite silver or whatever its called
metal fatigue. great. here we go...

at the middle of back seats where driveshaft meets pig... 

more in the center of the bulkhead and tranny tunnel intersection...

and yes it goes all the way through! notice the factory seat belt reinforcements
to make your seat belt less likely to rip-out of the floor in an accident
not easy to remove the galvanizing coat and weld the tear closed w/o burning through
all the spot welds holding the S frame and trunk floor together were pulled apart also...

added 4 bolts to help pull things back into place before welding...

DIY torque box reinforcements from template I found online...

welding practice. this car is my welding college.. 

S-frame and pinion snubber could never agree on anything
so they went their separate ways...

welded up and primed...

welded primed and top coated black (semigloss)

with all the carpets out what better chance do you get to… rewire the interior!!

sorta regret not doing thru-floor subframe connectors when the opportunity arose
but at this point I was over it...