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Thursday, April 4, 2019

New MorningStar XD prefinished bamboo flooring installed throughout the whole house. Solid bamboo not laminated 1100sqft [before and after]

Living room (after) by Stand Out Construction, Richmond CA
Living room (before)

Living/Dining room (before)
Master bedroom (before)

Master bedroom (before)
Second bedroom (before)
Third bedroom (cold hard tile)

New Solid Bamboo floor. No nails. Floating install snap together pre-finished

Living room entry
still finishing floors in the rest of the house
so were using the empty boxes to protect the new floors 

protection removed Living/Dining room. No dust.

Living room w/ new baseboards installed

view from living room looking down hallway to 3 bedrooms

The flooring turns into each doorway with no gaps or edges of flooring showing anywhere
bc all the door jambs are undercut so they sit on top of the flooring.  A lot of times you'll see a nice floor but the doorways look like someone traced the floor around the door jambs bc you can see a gap where the jamb and floor just butt together. Very unsightly and this is also an area that down the road will suffer damage when the floor expands in the winter buckling bc there is no gap around the edge for seasonal wood movement.

Hall closet
this is where you look if you want to know how good your floor guys are...
 no gaps or traced door jambs

Third bedroom off hallway
Room transitions are required on floating floors for seasonal movement.
These transition pieces were made from leftover flooring too match perfectly

Third bedroom

Master bedroom (done)

Master bedroom (opposite view)

Looking out the M. bedroom at the Hallway that turns and becomes the laundry area and leads the the second bedroom

Second bedroom

inside second bedroom

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Webster St Redwood Deck Project Oakland June 2017


New Deck is 99% done.
I'm just mocking up the handrails before the final inspection from City of Oakland. 

extra wide stairs

No screw holes or seams
My 3D rendering made from home owners drawings

another convenient side staircase 
City of Oakland code compliant 42" tall railings w/ all gaps <4" diameter
old deck
New side-stair landings poured

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