Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How to "STOP chickens from pooping everywhere" gate build

this chicken proof gate I made keeps the chickens out of the backyard but still allows them to roam in and out of the cage. No more chicken poop everywhere.  

I hammer drilled ½" holes and epoxied galvanized anchor bolts into the concrete to hold the post bases

4x4 side sections getting morticed together to hold lattice panels

Home made lattice using ¼" thick strips of redwood. Stapled and glued. No knots.

Gate being assembled with no fasteners just through mortices and wood glue.

close-up of a through tongue and mortice 
bottom panel was tongue and grooved on my shaper before assembly 

This was scrap metal I found at a garage sale. I stretched it diagonally to fit the gate 

more joinery close-ups

the day before I bought a morticing machine

ready to glue everything up

I round the corners of my panel to match the rabbit. this way I dont expose my mortice to the elements by squaring the rabbited channel instead + its faster and easier

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  1. Very Nice work I have been admiring your work for years.


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