Friday, September 11, 2015

Breathable Redwood Planter w/ vented panels to extract excess moisture

Redwood Planter with venting slits
2x6 top   3x3 posts    2x3 top rail    2x4 bottom rail    4x4 feet     1x2.5 paneling
SIKKENS matte clear coat is still drying...

you can almost see the drip rail detail added around the bottom edge of the 2x6  

I was going for a floating top look. I routed the same channel along the bottom edge to act as a drip rail

I liked the corner detail left from recessing the 4x4 to fit the panels.
Added some  depth to an otherwise square post. Note the sweeping terminations.

The tv is just there as an earthquake warning device.

I used my shaper to cut the vent slots then biscuit joined the panels.  

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