Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fence top panels for privacy in windy conditions

At the right time of day the sun squeezes thru the  gap between the lapped redwood strips.
The gap was incorporated to dissipate the high wind conditions and still provide full privacy.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Breathable Redwood Planter w/ vented panels to extract excess moisture

Redwood Planter with venting slits
2x6 top   3x3 posts    2x3 top rail    2x4 bottom rail    4x4 feet     1x2.5 paneling
SIKKENS matte clear coat is still drying...

you can almost see the drip rail detail added around the bottom edge of the 2x6  

I was going for a floating top look. I routed the same channel along the bottom edge to act as a drip rail

I liked the corner detail left from recessing the 4x4 to fit the panels.
Added some  depth to an otherwise square post. Note the sweeping terminations.

The tv is just there as an earthquake warning device.

I used my shaper to cut the vent slots then biscuit joined the panels.  

Saturday, August 15, 2015

AUG 2015 Projects in Bolinas, Rockridge, Richmond etc

IKEA butcher block counter top w/ shellac finish
5 panel gate w/ sandwich frosted safety glass so both faces are smooth 
5 panel gate glue-up
5 panel gate finished with SIKKENS
Cetol door & window clear satin wood finish colorless 003

Bolinas remodel attic conversion
I haven't used any caulking since 1993

doug fir stair treads installed between 120 years old stringers that narrow ever so slightly

No nail holes bc there was access to underside of treads where screws were used to keep everything in place

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How to "STOP chickens from pooping everywhere" gate build

this chicken proof gate I made keeps the chickens out of the backyard but still allows them to roam in and out of the cage. No more chicken poop everywhere.  

I hammer drilled ½" holes and epoxied galvanized anchor bolts into the concrete to hold the post bases

4x4 side sections getting morticed together to hold lattice panels

Home made lattice using ¼" thick strips of redwood. Stapled and glued. No knots.

Gate being assembled with no fasteners just through mortices and wood glue.

close-up of a through tongue and mortice 
bottom panel was tongue and grooved on my shaper before assembly 

This was scrap metal I found at a garage sale. I stretched it diagonally to fit the gate 

more joinery close-ups

the day before I bought a morticing machine

ready to glue everything up

I round the corners of my panel to match the rabbit. this way I dont expose my mortice to the elements by squaring the rabbited channel instead + its faster and easier

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Solano Playlot Bulletin Board Kiosk Project Richmond CA

Solano Playlot in Richmond Ca 2015

Redwood Bulletin Board Richmond Ca Playground
Solano Playlot Bulletin Board 3D rendering 2014 

Redwood Bulletin Board Richmond CA
3D SketchUp rendering 

Redwood for this community project provided by
the Lumber Baron in Albany.
Thanks Max.
Making 100+ Lath from nominal 1X goes faster
with precisely measured stop blocks clamped to the fence.
That way you only need to pull a tape measure once.
75 shouldered 1X lath's ready for pilot holes.

My Delta 10" chop saw was used to gang-cut the Lath to minimize tear-out
This is the Bulletin Boards rain gutter.
Bruce Sturgeon (CROWN Heating*Sheet Metal, INC.)
will fold-up the rain gutter.

Details of Angle Bracket for the roof
¼" Steel from Oakland
pre-cut to 49.5°.
These were fun holes to drill.

Angle Brackets all drilled and MIG welded together to form 99°.
Ready to be powder coated.

All of a sudden
Solano Playlot in Richmond Ca

The four main framing timbers being joined with metal brackets to form the roof over hang 

My neighbor Dennis asked if I was building a boat dry dock once I had the frame together for mock up

My muscle memory was dialed-in so well I was cutting shoulders off the end if these 1x ribs eyes closed.
Safety glasses still on of course

The final piece arrived exactly as dimensioned and fit perfectly

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